Escaping The Dulldrums

Things have been dull in the kitchen. It’s the knives’ fault. They need sharpening.

I’ll bring them to the store. But not all of them. I’ll hold an audition to determine which will make the cut.

Understandably, some are on edge. Others can’t see the point. Some mince words (we have a sharp difference of opinion).

Finally, I say, “Listen up. You need to behave. No more cutting remarks.”

That’s putting it bluntly.


16 thoughts on “Escaping The Dulldrums

  1. No dueling knives, blades flashing, razor thin slicing, or pricked fingers–none of that in my kitchen. Dull they may be, my knives serve a worthy purpose: how best to spread frosting on a cupcake, or smear butter and jam on a freshly toasted bagel or muffin.
    Keep a steady hand on that honed knife blade. No “Iron Chef” stunts!


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