When The Jewish New Year Falls In December

I learned that my local community center was having a talent show and to be in it members needed to apply with letter of interest, description of talent or resume, wait to be selected for auditions, and then wait to be selected to perform. I applied to play Native American flute.

I thought I’d be competing against the cast of thousands, but when I delivered my letter of interest with description of talent to the organizer chief himself, I discovered I was the sole applicant. He invited me to sit down and chat. First he asked how I came to play the flute, then whether I grew up playing anything. He then asked, “Are you interested in a chamber group?”

“A chamber group?” I said. For some reason, I thought he was referring to the Chamber of Commerce.

He said, “Some musicians are in a chamber group.”

I said, “Usually people who play violin, viola, or cello…”

He said, “I think it would be great if a chamber group played at Christmastime and members could listen.”

Feeling rather diplomatic, I said, “I hope you will include other holidays that happen that time of year.”

“Of course,” he said, “we could even include Rosh Hashanah.”


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