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Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Some people see into the future. I see into the distance.

Thanks to my new glasses.

Not that I couldn’t see into the distance before, just that my old prescription was too strong for my older eyes, which are stronger.

Simply put: I didn’t need to go the extra distance.

Now that I have one pair for distance and one for reading, I have graduated to new heights (I mean, new sights). But I can’t help but be nostalgic for the not so distant days of having one pair of glasses for everything. In my ideal world (read: myopia utopia), I’d have one pair for everything.

Many years ago, when I envisioned vision changes, I assumed I’d get Progressive lenses. I thought Progressives would be a fitting way to complement my progressive nature.

But when I learned that Progressives are difficult to adapt to, and some never adapt, I shuddered. I decided two pairs were the way to go.

What’s great about the revision to my vision is I can read with my distance pair, my reading glasses, or without any glasses at all.

All in favor say eye(s).



I am a rather obscure 14th C. poet, whose work has been translated into over thirty dialects of gibberish. I now spend my days translating from the gibberish into English and back again, as need be.

6 thoughts on “Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

  1. Am I impressed that the writer has now become a visionary. With different glasses, watch out for your old peril of misplacing socks or losing comfy hats. But with enhanced vision, you’ll find it easier to look for the glasses without having the problem of no glasses to find some glasses.

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  2. I really like Lilyalfred’s reply! Hey, would you like one of those nifty chains and/or ribbon to hang your glasses around your neck?–just like the bookstore ladies! At least you won’t lose the cool glasses. . . 🙂

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