Enlightened At 50

I recently turned 50. It’s a lot like 49, except more … something.The correct word has flown out of my head.

I’ll move on to other things.

Tuesday I planned to go to the pool. I needed my sunglasses. They weren’t where I had left them, in their special corner. I searched under my jackets, on my bookshelf, inside my waist pack. No sunglasses. I knew they weren’t in my knapsack, but peered inside anyway. No sunglasses. I wore their understudy–my old pair. They were happy to be next in line. When I returned, I looked some more. Under my jackets, in my waist pack. No sunglasses. I knew they weren’t in my knapsack, but felt around beneath the plastic bags. And lo! there they were.

All was well.

Then Wednesday came along and I decided to make tea. I filled the kettle with water, turned on the burner, put tea in my mug. Sat down at the table. When the water boiled, I poured it into my mug. Since the water was too hot to drink, I left the room to get my book. The thought of reading my mystery while drinking tea made me feel cozy. When I returned to the kitchen, I glanced at the tea kettle. No flame beneath it. I must have forgotten to turn on the stove again. How could I make tea without boiling the water? I turned on the gas. I waited. When the water boiled, I turned off the gas, picked up the kettle, and was about to pour it into my mug, when I had an aha moment.

By the way, that word I forgot earlier?



11 thoughts on “Enlightened At 50

  1. Not foolish at all–just “normal” like the rest of us. . .welcome to the “50 and over” club Eva. I’m told this happens from time to time with the 60+, 70+ and 80+ humans. . . . .


  2. Delete the self-effacing assessment of “foolish”–You have a brain loaded with 50 years’ worth of associations, memories, present and future needs and things to do, sensory impressions surrounding you, and lots else! What’s a mere pair of sunglasses or a cup of tea but a tiny blip in all that comes and goes, stays a second, then flits away.


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