The third time’s the charm.

I did laundry, and all my socks matched.

Instead of being sockless, I’ve experienced sock-cess!


4 thoughts on “Sock-Cess!

  1. Cheers for pairs! I’m glad that everyone has a mate for the approach of Valentine’s Day, unless there’s a mismatch–a plot for a soap opera in the next soaping sequel in the swish swash wash.

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  2. Everyone should have a “mate” and your sock decided being sock-less really sucks. I agree with Lilyalfred —Valentine’s inspires warm and cosy “socks” and hopefully may curb any wandering. . .


  3. Eva,

    Couldn’t find your email anywhere, but I wanted to make sure you noticed that you were the winner of Salad Pie on my blog. Please remember to send me you address, so you can get your book. Congratulations!



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