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Clairvoyance & Chinese Food

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking of a man I know in a vague kind of way. He is a performer who always makes me laugh. I wanted to get in touch with him to find out more about his work. But I didn’t have his email info and I wondered how I could reach him.

Soon after thinking about him, my partner in crime and I went to the city to see a one-person show. First we planned to have dinner. He wanted Chinese food, so I suggested a place that was about five blocks from the theater.

We ordered. I had cold sesame noodles and he had calamari with mixed vegetables. The restaurant was relatively empty at the early hour of 6pm, but then a couple of men sat down. One looked familiar.

Before leaving the restaurant, I used the restroom. When I came out,  the familiar-looking man was next in line. He said, “Hi.”

I said, “I was thinking of you a couple of hours ago and wondering how I could get in touch with you. And here you are!”


I am a rather obscure 14th C. poet, whose work has been translated into over thirty dialects of gibberish. I now spend my days translating from the gibberish into English and back again, as need be.

6 thoughts on “Clairvoyance & Chinese Food

  1. I think one if the most unusual is driving to a favorite restaurant late at night. I pulled into a convenient parking place and instantly knew I should not park there but two rows up at an inconvenient spot.
    When I opened the car door I saw something sparkle. It was a gold and diamond bracelet with the name Maia.
    I put it in my purse.
    I went in to the restaurant and instead of taking my regular table. I decided on the first booth nearest the register. As I was seated and received my menu the phone rang. The end of the conversation I heard was this: No. no nothing. Okay and how do you… okay. M A I A. I jumped from my seat to the register.
    I told the cashier. I have it! But let me talk to her.
    So I took the phone and told her “I have your bracelet .”
    I will wait for you.
    She arrived about 45 minutes later.
    We hugged . And I felt to tell her. It’s going to be all right.
    Don’t worry.
    When I told her how I found her bracelet. She said “oh my gosh”. This has to be planned.
    I needed encouragement so badly. You have no idea. “
    We hugged again and she left.

    I have others .

    Some involved avoiding danger

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