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Cookie Swap

Today I had the exciting experience of attending a cookie swap. For the occasion, I made a cookie I titled “chocolate chocolate chip with hints of coconut, orange, rose, and the occasional hazelnut.” Happy to announce my cookies received rave reviews and such comments as “With each bite, you get a new flavor” and “The amazing thing is all the flavors work well together” and “Just one more, please.”

Other homemade cookies that made their stunning debut included chocolate hazelnut, lemon shortbread with lemony glaze, ginger with salted caramel and pecan, lime coconut macadamia, speculaas, Greek butter cookies, pecan candies, and peanut butter chocolate chip bars.

There were also some bakery-made cookies: snickerdoodle, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and chocolate chip as well as two kinds of packaged cookies–Thai durian coconut roll and coffee chocolate.

Since I can’t share the actual cookies with you, I thought you’d enjoy my photos. My cookies are those immediately below (as well as in the foreground, in the last photo). Happy drooling!