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Make Way For Wild Turkeys

Thought you’d enjoy my recent sighting.



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How Nutty

Saturday night I was playing Rummy with my partner in crime. I looked at my hand. I thought, I could really use a ten of clubs.

The next card he put down was, in fact, a ten of clubs.

A few turns later, I thought, I really need a two.

The next card I picked was a two.

Toward the end of the game, I wanted a five. He put one down.

Yesterday I went biking. I wore a turquoise blue t-shirt. Walking toward me were three women, each wearing a turquoise blue shirt. A woman ran a little in front of me. She, too, wore a turquoise blue tee.

Today I went to a park to read Peanut, a funny graphic novel. It’s about a teenage girl who feigns a peanut allergy at her new high school. As I was walking home, I saw a stellar jay hopping on a branch. It held something in its beak. I peered closer. It was a peanut.

That’s my story in a nutshell.

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Bird’s Eye View of the Rental Market

The rental market is going to the birds. Just ask my neighbors, who are experiencing empty nest syndrome and have decided to fly off to parts unknown. They have a sweet cottage rental and are looking for new tenants while they’re away. The ideal occupants must be willing to branch out and spread their wings. Cheap cheap rent.

Only birdbrains need apply.

Sweet rental
Sweet rental
sweet rental
sweet rental