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Cupcake Rescue League To The Rescue!

Helping those in need gives me a warm glow. Thus, I was thrilled when the Cupcake Rescue League’s answering service forwarded a call to me. A call for help. The call came from none other than my partner in crime.

It so happens one of his jobs involves working at a high end cupcake shop. On the night I skipped town, he had gone to this shop. In addition to payment, the manager offered him two boxes of sixteen cupcakes each. He couldn’t handle that many cupcakes on his own, so he took one box. He ate a few cupcakes, then reached out to me for help.

It so happens I had skipped town to visit the Cupcake Rescue League’s Vice President. I conferred with her as to the proper way to deal with the situation. She said he should wrap each cupcake in Saran Wrap and freeze them so that they’d be ready for my return.

The suggestion was just what he needed. It was the icing on the cake.

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