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Facing The Coconut

Ever since I read online about a woman who discovered something really gross-looking/tasting in the coconut water she purchased, I have steered clear of  bottled coconut water and instead opted to buy the coconut itself. A pain to open, especially without a machete, but the coconut water is 100 times fresher than the bottled kind and I love scooping up the coconut meat. Here’s what my coconut looked like when I was attempting to open it. I thought it was smiling at me.


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I was teasing when I said my cupboard was stocked with cookies. Teasing, with an emphasis on the tea.

Before I left Istanbul, I shopped. Rather than bring home chicken shish, baklava, or semolina cookies, I chose tea. Ottoman tea, Sultan tea, Relax tea, Rose tea. Tea made from dried pomegranates, oranges, apples, rose petals. Bright red, yellow, dried herbs and flower tea. Organic tea and caffeine-free tea. Tea that smells divine, like roses, fruity.

I’ll survive. I know this with certain-tea.