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ESP Connection

Earlier today I was thinking about a purchase I made in Istanbul a few years ago. Eight hours later, the phone rang. When I answered, there was a whooshing sound, as though the call came from very far away. A man  said he was calling from Istanbul and we had met when I purchased my item.

It’s amazing what a little ESP can do. Ma Bell was right all those many years ago, when she said, “Reach out and touch someone.”

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How Nutty

Saturday night I was playing Rummy with my partner in crime. I looked at my hand. I thought, I could really use a ten of clubs.

The next card he put down was, in fact, a ten of clubs.

A few turns later, I thought, I really need a two.

The next card I picked was a two.

Toward the end of the game, I wanted a five. He put one down.

Yesterday I went biking. I wore a turquoise blue t-shirt. Walking toward me were three women, each wearing a turquoise blue shirt. A woman ran a little in front of me. She, too, wore a turquoise blue tee.

Today I went to a park to read Peanut, a funny graphic novel. It’s about a teenage girl who feigns a peanut allergy at her new high school. As I was walking home, I saw a stellar jay hopping on a branch. It held something in its beak. I peered closer. It was a peanut.

That’s my story in a nutshell.

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Frog Blog

Yesterday, I was walking to the post office, when a Contra Costa Times headline, “Building A Better Frog,” caught my eye. My gaze was riveted by a photo of a rather large frog, yellow with green spots. It looked like it was almost as big as my foot.

On my way back, I turned up the hill, rather than continue on the road. By the curb was a rather large frog, protected by people who didn’t want cars disturbing it. My attention was riveted by its size–almost as big as my foot. Riveted, even when the frog didn’t ribbit.

What did it mean that I had seen a photo of a frog, followed by the frog itself? I shopped for truths as the frog hopped to the sidewalk, perhaps seeking a concrete solution to its predicament.

Did I have frog ESP? Was I a frog channeler?

These things I pondered as a local business owner helped the frog into her restaurant’s pond.

Please note: this story is true, not frog fraud.