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The Ganache Thickens

Once upon a time, a certain someone, whose name cannot be released due to conditions of anonymity, decided she wanted to learn how to make chocolate. So, she signed up for a class in making vegan, raw truffles.

The teachers had prepared the ganache with Guittard chocolate, coconut cream, and coconut oil, rested it in the fridge till it solidified, and then removed it for her and others to sink their melon ball makers into the chocolate. They rolled the chocolate between their fingers, which were, of course, very clean, especially since one class member suggested everyone wash their hands, to which Anonymous replied, Great idea. However, she watched as the woman washed hands, then proceeded to nibble here, nibble there, then lick her fingers just so.

Which was enough to turn Anonymous’s stomach, but she vowed she would not try any of the finger licker’s truffles.

Meanwhile, truffles were being concocted, rolled in cardamon, cinnamon, salt, lavender, and /or ginger and dipped in tempered chocolate.

Anonymous sampled a few of her truffles, then washed hands before making them for the communal plate.

Those making solid form chocolates presented them. Samples taken.

When Anonymous returned to her secret lair, the room tipped up down spinning around and around like a not so merry-go-round. She shivered, she sweated, she panted in pants.

Someone had poisoned her, but who???