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Frogulent Activity

In April, my partner in crime, whom I shall call Tad, visited a creek and collected three pollywogs, which I shall refer to as Tadpoles.

Tad put Tadpoles in a tank with water and rocks. Every day he fed them organique lettuce. The Tadpoles, which we named Glad, Fad, and Baby Rad, nibbled on the lettuce like it was an Alice Waters specialty.

Over time, they grew. When they grew legs, Tad fed them live crickets, a nutritional dietary supplement.

I liked watching them kick and hop and climb on the tank sides and tank top. You see, I love to swim and excel in the breaststroke, which uses the frog kick. I was on the lookout for frog kick tips. I kept them in mind when I swam, though I had trouble crawling up the walls of the pool area and onto the ceiling.

As Glad, Fad, and Baby Rad grew, they lost their tails. Instead of spending their time swimming, they crawled into the rock grotto. Their life was on the rocks.

All too soon, it was time to let them go. We took them to their rightful home. We were a tad sad to say goodbye to our springy offspring. Baby Rad went first, leaping into the creek. He was still a baby and needed to perfect his swimming. The other two were reluctant to leave us.

“Hop to it!” I said.

They had just enough time to make it to the hop.

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Frog Blog

Yesterday, I was walking to the post office, when a Contra Costa Times headline, “Building A Better Frog,” caught my eye. My gaze was riveted by a photo of a rather large frog, yellow with green spots. It looked like it was almost as big as my foot.

On my way back, I turned up the hill, rather than continue on the road. By the curb was a rather large frog, protected by people who didn’t want cars disturbing it. My attention was riveted by its size–almost as big as my foot. Riveted, even when the frog didn’t ribbit.

What did it mean that I had seen a photo of a frog, followed by the frog itself? I shopped for truths as the frog hopped to the sidewalk, perhaps seeking a concrete solution to its predicament.

Did I have frog ESP? Was I a frog channeler?

These things I pondered as a local business owner helped the frog into her restaurant’s pond.

Please note: this story is true, not frog fraud.