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How To Burn Calories Doing Almost Nothing

Before I traveled to dear Lily’s, I contemplated whether to wear my favorite footwear–ultra-comfy sneaks–or trusty hiking boots–great for the snowy, icy climate I was heading into. The latter won and I felt content with my decision as I hiked through snowy landscapes.

But in the past few days, the more walking I did, the more bruised my left foot felt. I needed sneaks. Thanks to Lily’s closet, I had options.

This morning I laced up a pair of sneakers that cushioned parts of my feet, but pinched my toes and made the bruise feel more painful. I took those off and put on sneakers that supported my feet better, but pained my toes. I untied those and found a third pair, two inches longer in the toe. Too roomy. So I took those off and put on clogs. Too tight in the toe. Next I tried on some shoes that fit perfectly, but had no cushioning, which hurt my back.

Almost an hour later, I was as ravenous as if I had walked several miles. Welcome to my new exercise routine.