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Go Figure

I was at the grocery store yesterday to buy greens. The selection makes me green with envy. That’s because it has eight kinds of organic greens in bulk ~ baby kale and baby swiss chard, mizuno, spinach, Asian greens, arugula, salad, salad, and more salad.

I was walking toward the back of the store, where the greens hung out, and all was going well, and then I spotted the dried figs.

I had been thinking about dried figs recently. I like to keep figs around. They are a figsture in my home. Organic Turkish dried figs rested on the shelf, nestling closely in packets marked down from $3.69 to $.99. I took one package to the register. I wanted to make sure the price was real, not a figment of my imagination.

The cashier confirmed the price and said it was on sale all month.

Go figure.

I bought that package, then paid for another when I bought the greens. I plan to get more.
Maybe I’ll buy so many that customers will try to figure out who depleted the supply.

They’ll never find me.

I’ll be doing business under a figtitious name.