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A Low Five Day

I sat on my bed, counting. I had about just enough cash to do my errands. I went to the post office to send a package and a letter. I spent $2.87. I went to the bakery to get a sufganiyot. Hard to believe, it was my first time eating this Hanukkah doughnut. There were three flavors–chocolate, raspberry, and lemon curd. I chose lemon, but now that I’m a fan, may have to get the others (Happy Hanukkah!). I spent $3.29 at the bakery. I returned to the post office to pick up something. Then went across the street to deposit a check for $5 into the ATM. Back across the street to run another errand. Time to go home. Then I remembered, I had spent a little over $6 and would be going out later. I wanted a little extra money. I could return to the ATM, but didn’t want a twenty. Really, I wanted my $5 that I had deposited, but to get it, I’d have to go to the bank. Did I really want to go all the way to the bank? one part of me asked, while the other part said, Why not? It’s a beautiful day, and I want my $5.

I started walking. I hadn’t gone far, when I noticed something green on the sidewalk. Something partially folded. I picked it up. I had found $5.

I gave myself a high five for finding a low five. Yes, it was that kind of day.