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Ruminations on a Burrito

I was recently in Belize, where, among other delicious meals, I had a couple of burritos. Burritos with homemade flour tortillas, grilled to perfection. The first burrito had some beans, a tiny bit of cheese, some grilled vegetables. The second burrito had the homemade tortilla, chicken, and a special sauce. With both I thought of burritos I’ve had in the U.S. that are stuffed with rice, beans, shredded cheese, sometimes grilled chicken, salsa, guacamole. I missed having a stuffed burrito, though I didn’t miss the store-bought bland flour tortilla.

When I returned to the U.S., I found a taqueria that made its own flour tortillas. I ordered a burrito. It was stuffed the way I usually like it, but wouldn’t you know–I missed my Belizean burritos and their homemade flour tortillas too, so much better than the one I had.

Is it possible to order takeout from Belize?