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Something Is Afoot


Since I was last in touch, I’ve had my nose to the ground, attempting to solve The Case of the Missing Sock.

Since I couldn’t find any evidence in my sock drawer, laundry room, laundry bag, or washer/dryer, I asked my turtlenecks and pants if my sock was clinging to them.

No response. That worried me. Perhaps they knew something I did not.

Meanwhile, I found my lip balm, which had been missing longer than my sock. Usually, my lip balm is in my pants pocket, but I found it lying under a knapsack. I think it was napping.

My discovery gave me hope. I had a hunch my sock was in my home. It was just a matter of where.

I kept the remaining sock by my bed. Every so often, I picked it up and asked, “Where is your mate?”

This morning I rummaged through my drawer, and there was my sock. I could not believe my eyes. I thought perhaps I was confused and it was the remaining sock, but then I found the remaining sock and put one and one together.

All this time my sock was wrapped around my underwear. “Under where?” you might ask, and you’d be right.

The news comes on the heels of finding three pens that had disappeared for several days.

I’m still missing my favorite purple hat, however. So something is definitely afoot.