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How I Got Over My Coin Slot Phobia

The first time it happened, it seemed like an ordinary mishap: my quarters jammed in the washer.

When the same thing happened a few weeks later, attempting to use the dryer, I was annoyed.

And after it happened recently, once more with the washer, I felt wary of using either machine. I had to do laundry, but dreaded it. I could not bear to put the quarters in, lest the machine gobble them up without spinning my clothes around.

Yet I had to try, otherwise I’d be hand washing my clothes, towels, and sheets for weeks to come.

I went to the laundry room. I inserted a coin into the metal slot. I paused to listen for the clink. Another coin. Clink. And another. Clink-clink. Slow and meditative.

Two loads later I was able to report victory!

Incidentally, although I lost about $4.25 altogether, I did not lose any socks.

Small change, but I’ll take it.