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The Case of the Missing Glass Case

My eyeglass case was missing.

I had placed the light, light blue case on my bed, eyed it as I was getting ready for bed, and planned to tuck my glasses in before turning off the light.

Then the case vanished.

I searched on my bed, by my bed, and on my black futon couch, where I sometimes put clothing. I had, in fact, dumped a gray sweatshirt there, and I moved it to one side. No case.
The next day I searched again. Bed, floor, futon: no case.
That night I dreamed I found the case. That seemed promising.
The next morning I wanted to make a case about my missing case. I looked around and found two more I could use–one purple lightweight champion, the other heavy metal–in case my light, light blue case didn’t appear.
I was thinking of wearing a t-shirt, but the weather looked coolish. It could warm up later, though. I’d wear a long-sleeved  tee. My blue and white shirt was folded neatly on my couch. I picked it up. I sat on my bed. I put on the t-shirt. I glanced over at my couch. There, awaiting me, was my special case.
I recalled that the long-sleeved t-shirt had been on my bed, after doing laundry the other day. When it was time for bed, I moved it, and without thinking, the case also.
I relayed solving that mystery to a friend, who is ten years older. She laughed and said, “I do that kind of thing all the time.” Then she added, “Welcome to aging.”
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A Tale of Two Hats & Two Sunglasses

I had plans to go out and put on my sunhat. Then I was searching for my sunglasses. I have two pairs and one pair was in plain sight while the other pair, which I wanted to wear, was hidden. I searched and searched and finally found it. Then I thought, now I need my hat. I was searching for that for a few minutes until I realized I was wearing it.


That reminded me of the time I had taken a commuter bus to visit a friend. I was wearing a wool hat she had knitted. When it was time to go, we said our goodbyes, and I got back on the bus. Suddenly, I thought, my hat is missing. I asked the people on the bus if they had seen it. They looked on their seats and the floor. I got off the bus and looked in my friend’s car. I searched the sidewalk. The bus driver had to leave. I felt sad thinking that I would have to go without my friend’s hat. I walked up the bus stairs. As I turned to say goodbye to my friend, I happened to touch my head. There was my hat.

Today I went biking with my bf.  We drove to another town. I was wearing my sunhat and sunglasses in the car. When I got out of the car, I left my hat behind. I immediately thought, I must remember to put on my sunglasses. My hand touched my bike jacket’s chest pocket. I felt their hard plastic frames and removed the sunglasses. I attempted to put them on. I couldn’t. I was already wearing them.

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Safe & Sound

Thank you to everyone who called, wrote, prayed, and sent support. It was a rough few days. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

But I am happy to report some good news, finally. In today’s mail, I received… my luggage tag!

Thanks to the kindness of one wonderful gentleman, who discovered my tag at his Victoria bakery, my luggage tag made its way home. I am sure it had many adventures on its travels and will tell me in all good time.

Meanwhile, I have a small correction: I had thought my tag depicted three cubs, but it, in fact, shows a mother and her cub. My story was completely true, but for that factoid: I was lion.