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Magic Trick

Pre-pandemic, I was a frequent public transportation user and made sure that my transportation card not only had enough cash value for the bus or train (or both), but also was always in my pocket. After the pandemic began, I put my card in a Safe Place, preferring to walk everywhere.

One Friday last fall, I decided that rather than carry my heavy knapsack a few miles from a particular grocery store, I would ride the bus. I grabbed my transportation card and put it in my pocket. It cheered me and reminded me of the good ol’ days.

Saturday I thought of taking out my card, since I no longer needed it, but kept it in my pocket for fond memories.

That night I removed everything from my pockets. My transportation card was gone!

Why had I worn the pants with the shallow pockets? Had my card fallen out as I ran errands in the downtown area?

I woke early Sunday morning and walked one mile up the street, scanning the cement for my small, rectangular card. No sign of it on the southwest or northeast sidewalks. Someone must have snagged it for their commute.

With a heavy heart, I called the transit center on Monday and explained the situation. The woman said she could easily transfer my remaining balance to another card, but would have to charge me $5. I was surprised to discover that Friday’s balance was still there. Whoever had my card must have been waiting for the right moment to use it.

A couple of months later, a favorite photo fell off my wall. I thought of hanging it up, but was in the middle of packing to go see dear Lily, so I put it on my floor to deal with later.

When I returned, I was too busy unpacking, decluttering, and cleaning to remember the photo.

Last Friday I had to take the train, so I used my new transit card. I was happy it worked and stayed in my pocket afterward. But I couldn’t help thinking of my lost card, wondering what had happened to it.

I also noticed the blank wall. Where was my photo? I looked on the floor. Not there. I looked near where I thought I had put it. Missing. Could it have slipped beneath my bed?

I moved the bed. And found… my missing transit card.

Although I’ve performed this magic trick before, it never fails to amaze me that when I search for something else, l find what I’ve been looking for.

And as a bonus, I did find my photo. Buried under some papers (Lily taught me that trick).