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Q Is For Quirky

Q Is For Quarry is the name of a Sue Grafton mystery that I passed by on my walk the other day. I have a new route that takes me past a Little Free Library.

For those not in the know, Little Free Libraries are very small, wooden structures perched on top of a post. Passerby are encouraged to take –or leave– a book.

The previous week I had left Gone Girl, which I picked up about two months ago from another Little Free Library. It was quite riveting, but I was ready to part with it, so I dropped it off. I was curious whether anyone else had picked it up or had left any other books.

Q Is For Quarry caught my eye. It was a hardback. It beckoned to me. I opened the little Little Free Library Door, but wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I am very particular about mysteries and gravitate toward those involving food (my favorite authors are Joanne Fluke and Ellen Hart). I started to walk away, but the book called to me again. I thought about bringing it home. I thought of the other books waiting at home for me. I didn’t want to bring it home, only to neglect it.

Fast forward twelve hours. I was scanning headlines on to see if anything jumped out at me. One headline did. It read: “Sue Grafton, Whose Detective Novels Spanned The Alphabet, Dies At 77.”

How quirky to have had a special connection with her book only hours before. Perhaps her spirit wished to talk with me. When Sue Grafton was still alive, we had been in touch via snail mail. I had asked her a question. She typed a response and then kept me on her mailing list, sending holiday greetings every year. Recently she told her fans about her surgery and book tour cancellation; she enclosed a tiny flashlight like that her character, Kinsey Millhone, uses. I sent a thank you note and best wishes for her recovery. I keep the flashlight on my keychain for good luck. I am sad that she’s gone. I will miss her sweet cards.

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Flush With Funds

I lost something dear to me and found it behind the toilet this morning. How it got there remains a mystery, but it reminded me of the time my ATM card vanished.


My ATM card disappeared.

I put on my Detective Cap, which resembles my Thinking Cap in size and color, and got to work on the investigation. I had last seen my card on top of my orange pant leg on my bed, so I looked on my pant leg first. No card. I lifted the pant leg and peered at my bedspread. The monkeys and hippos peered back. Moving my pajamas to the floor didn’t help, nor did lifting my bedspread reveal anything, so I removed sleeping bags #1 and 2. When that hadn’t uncovered my card, my pillows jumped off my bed, followed by my pillowcases, and all my stuffed animals. They looked innocent, even the wolf who acts as my accountant (he’ll remain anonymous to protect his identity). I stripped off my sheets and pulled my bed from the wall. I found seashells, rocks, even an elephant on a key chain.

Where could my ATM card be? I checked my pockets and turned up nothing.

I called my bank to cancel my card and order a replacement. I told the customer service person I was embarrassed I had lost my card in my apartment. He said, “Don’t worry about it. I do that kind of thing all the time.”

After we hung up, I had to go to the bathroom. I got up from the toilet and then, glancing down, I noticed my ATM card floating in the water.

How it got there remains a mystery.

But I now can better appreciate the expression, “flush with funds.”