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Dishwashing Physics

I had put a porcelain bowl in the sink. Inside it I put a glass vase for safekeeping while washing the other dishes and pots and pans. Next thing I knew, the vase had stuck to the bowl.

I looked up “how to separate glass stuck in porcelain.” One article I found said to fill the sink with very hot water so that the bowl floated and that would solve the problem.

It didn’t. I despaired. That was my favorite bowl sticking to the vase. I didn’t want to lose it. I kept the bowl vase cohorts in the sink while I pondered my next move.

The next day I looked up other articles. Another said to place the bowl in the freezer for two hours. Then turn it over into the sink and pour very hot water on its bottom. There was something about the very hot mixing with the super cold that would make the two separate.

It had to do with physics. Not that I would know. The physics teacher at my high school screamed at her students. I didn’t want to be screamed at. And when I was in college, I was more interested in writing classes.

I thought about this as I attempted once more to separate the vase from the bowl. Click! They came apart. So easy I thought maybe I had a new career in the works.