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Why Stating The Obvious Is A Good Idea

I usually try to avoid stating the obvious because–obviously.

But I have been going through a very difficult time lately. As you may recall, some beloved socks went missing. I was certain they had been consumed by the Dreaded Washer/Dryer Duo, but the repairman had the nerve to deny my claim.

The other day I dumped my entire sock drawer onto the floor. Then I played a game that was a lot like Concentration, only I used socks, instead of cards. I cheered every time I made a match. To my surprise, I made a lot of matches. Not only that, socks that I thought were long gone, reappeared.

A few weeks ago, I bought tuna fish and thought it was funny that the label said: Includes fish. Obviously, I thought, and rolled my eyes.

But after my sock discovery, I experienced a shift. Perhaps, I thought, stating the obvious reassures us about the contents within. So I’ve posted a sign on my sock drawer: Contains Socks.