Web Designer For Hire

Are you looking for a good web designer? I did a web search and discovered several practically in my own backyard. The best websites were … spiderwebs. Since the spiders can’t post their work online, I thought I’d act as their agent.


Facing The Coconut

Ever since I read online about a woman who discovered something really gross-looking/tasting in the coconut water she purchased, I have steered clear of  bottled coconut water and instead opted to buy the coconut itself. A pain to open, especially without a machete, but the coconut water is 100 times fresher than the bottled kind and I love scooping up the coconut meat. Here’s what my coconut looked like when I was attempting to open it. I thought it was smiling at me.



One A Day Plus Ironing

Speaking of vitamins, as I was not too long ago, it is important to have your one a day.

I admit to being neglectful, especially in the ironing department. This became clear recently, when I took out my iron and first had to dust it off.

The last time I had used it was for the same reason I was about to use it–to iron on photo transfers. It involved a special process:

1) I filled my iron with water;
2) plugged it in;
3) turned the setting to Cotton.

I felt pleased with myself for getting this far.

Next I selected photos from my digital library, inserted the paper, turned on the printer, pressed Print, and ironed on the photos.

So easy.

Best of all, I had room for more photos on my sweatshirt. Turning off the iron, I unplugged it, got more photo transfers, then returned to the ironing room.

Oh, the irony!

When I picked up my iron’s cord and plugged it in, its temperature was cool. Too cool for me.

I thought of appealing to the Iron Helpline, but wanting to have iron will, told myself, I can figure this out myself.

I stared at the electrical outlet. Stared and stared. Then it happened. I had a major breakthrough: the plug I plugged in was not attached to my iron’s cord. It was attached to my shredder.

I was glad to iron out that wrinkle.