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Planting Good Thoughts For My Dear Friend Maggie

Magnusiana Small (Maggie, for short) came into my life a few months ago, when I discovered that the store that had sold giant cupcakes with thick icing was now a store that sold plants that made me green with envy. I chose one no bigger than my thumb. Maggie is an air plant, with Central American roots.

Per instructions, I gave Maggie a home with indirect sunlight and dunked her in water once a week. She loved her new surroundings. When Shelter-in-Place started, she did not complain.

Then came a week of nonstop overcast days. She looked a bit gray around the edges.

Sunday was her usual bath day. To my surprise, she was missing. Could a plant get up and leave? I also wondered if she were walking all the way back to her homeland.

I sent out a Search & Rescue Team. After several minutes, which felt more like years, the team found her. On my bookshelf. No doubt seeking a good book to read.

She is resting, but if you could please send good thoughts and wishes her way, I know she’d appreciate them.

Maggie, the air plant on one of her better days