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Partial Eclipse Of My Floor

I don’t know what came over me, but today I decided to wash my kitchen floor. I had been thinking about the total eclipse; it was funny the way the dirt was creeping along, eclipsing my tiles.

While my urge to wash my floor is rare, it’s not as rare as the total eclipse. The last one was in 1918 and the next will be in 2024.  I hadn’t washed my floor recently because I’ve been busy creating art, writing, and music.

Creating is one of my talents. Another is finding things. A couple of weeks ago, my bf and I were walking to his car. “Hey, look at what I found,” I said, reaching down to pick up a clump of bills. It was a small clump. I thought I had found $4.

I counted. I did a re-count. Re-counts are important, I recounted to my bf. I was off by a few dollars. I had not found $4. I had found 21 times that. On a dirty sidewalk, no less.

So today as I scrub scrub scrubbed, I wondered if the dirt would reveal anything special.

No such luck.

Grime does not pay.