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Getting The Most Out Of Your Airline Delay

If you are one of the special few who gets to experience airline delays, then why not have some fun. Here are my tips:

If you do not have a phone, you can ask to use the airline’s to make calls to your significant other.

If you need exercise, you can walk from Terminal A to B.

Just don’t get lost… or lose your boarding pass…, but if you do, you can enjoy retracing your steps till the lost is found.

If you feel you’ve done more walking at the airport than in the last few days, then be sure to rest in one of the chairs lined up against the wall.

Make sure you look up in time to see your childhood friend’s daughter-in-law pass by, then race to catch up with her.

See how fast you can remove your shoes, keys, wallet, and quart-size bag of 3 oz. bottles to place in the Security bin and then see if you can beat the other passengers at putting  your shoes on and things back in your pockets.

For more excitement, stand in line for two hours at Customer Service.

After boarding the plane, go ahead and sleep. You’ve earned it.