Close Call

I had a harrowing experience at the library yesterday.

We have a program called Lucky Day; popular, new books are prominently displayed on the shelf and if it’s your lucky day, you’ll get to take some home, rather than wait on a list with 50 million others.

Lately, I’ve been finding good stuff, so I decided to look at it first thing. I found a memoir and a picture book. On a nearby shelf, I found another picture book.

I was planning to read the picture books upstairs, but when I discovered two books for me on the hold shelf, I put everything on the electronic check out device so that I could use my knapsack to carry everything.

Error message in red! It read: One or more books could not be checked out. I thought the red dots pointed to the picture books, so I read those upstairs as planned. Then I placed them on a shelving cart.

I took another look at the Lucky Day shelf before leaving. I found another book and checked it out.

Then I went through the gate.

Beeeeep! It flashed red and the security guard stopped me. He said I had to recheck out one of my books.

I tried, but got another error message. I brought the book to circulation. The circ. person said the problem was I had maxed out on my Lucky Day check outs. She named them and included one of the picture books.

That picture book was now on the shelving cart. What if someone reshelved it? What if another patron took it? What if someone took it home and didn’t return it on time and there was a late fee and I was charged? It would ruin my perfect record, my library reputation.

I raced upstairs to retrieve the picture book, then raced downstairs “Trade!” I said, handing it to the circ. person. She checked it in and presented me with the book I wanted.

Lucky day, indeed.



Liebster Award Nomination!!




April started off with much excitement. I arrived home to find out that the wonderful Tori in Victoria had nominated me for the Liebster Award. A million thanks to her!

This Award carries with it more responsibility than I am used to in my life.

To accept the award nomination you must

1) thank your nominator and link back to that person

2) state 11 random facts about yourself

3) answer your nominator’s questions

4) nominate 11 nominees whose blogs are new, obscure, have under 400 followers.

5) provide 11 questions for nominees to answer.

6) Notify your nominees.

7) Show the Liebster Badge on your blog.

Random Facts About Myself

1) I once memorized a joke book.

2) I love playing Crazy Eights.

3) I taught myself to skim read when I was nine.

4) I can memorize a sequence of numbers ten or more digits long.

5) The two states I’ve lived in the longest both begin with C.

6) I had a brief stint as a stand up comic.

7) I am living happily without a TV, cell phone, iPad/tablet, iPod.

8) I have played or studied classical piano and guitar, recorder, S. Indian drums, Javanese Gamelan, steel drums, W. African drums, xylopipes, and Native American flute.

9) I strive to go to sleep before midnight, but it rarely happens.

10) I write letters with stationery, envelope, stamps, stickers, and rubber stamps.

11) I love ginger and cinnamon.

Tori’s Questions:

1. Why did you create your blog? When did you start it?

I started my blog in July ’14. I had been blogging on Red Room, but when it got gobbled up by Wattpad, I decided I needed a different blogging platform. I created it because I like to tell funny stories about the things I experience.

2. Other than reading, blogging, and watching tv, how do you fill your time?

I don’t have a TV, so rarely view it.
I enjoy gallivanting and searching for new pastries to eat.
I like playing music, photographing the world as it passes by, and drawing wildly.

3. As pleased as you are about this nomination, do you wish I hadn’t nominated you? Go ahead. Be honest. This award is a lot of work.

I’m glad you did. It’s exciting!

4. Has blogging created a community around you that you never expected? Or are you a [wo]man on an island surrounded by a sea of blog posts?

I do feel a sense of community. It’s fun to be on wordpress. I have found a lot of great blogs to read and people to connect with.

5. Can you list all 50 states alphabetically?

Sadly, no.

6. My blog is directly related to my day job—what do you do for a living? Is it reflected in your blog?


7. Quick decision: Friends or Seinfeld?

Neither. I don’t watch TV.

8. Are you a roadtripper? Do you use maps or just go where the road takes you? Where was your last adventure?

My boyfriend and I visited the sea otters in Monterey.

9. How do you spend your Sundays?

I like to bike.

10. Can you juggle?

yes. 3 balls with 2 hands or 2 balls with one.

11. What is the one saying your grandparents always said that stuck with you?

My grandmother always said, “May everything good you can imagine happen to you.”

My Questions for my nominees:

What is your favorite book quote?

Any pets or pet peeves?

What have you taught yourself to do?

What was the last item you misplaced?

Favorite dessert?

What do you do for fun?

Any cooking mishaps?

What is your favorite breakfast?

What do you look forward to doing when you wake up?

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

What is your favorite seasoning?

My nominees:













Enjoy! Congratulations, Nominees! Thanks again to Tori in Victoria!!