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When Life Hands You Limes

This morning I put on a lime green turtleneck. Then I went to the gym. When I went into the locker room, a woman with a lime green fleece jacket came out.

I swam, then returned to the locker room. As I left, a woman in a lime green parka came in.

I left the building; ahead of me was a woman with a lime green shoulder bag.

I walked up the street and turned the corner, only to see a man with a lime green knapsack.

I went home for a bit before going out again. One of my neighbors was leaving, just as I was. She, too, had a lime green knapsack.

Another lime green knapsack led the way this afternoon. I followed it awhile before walking downtown. I got to the crosslight, just as a car (lime green, of course) turned.

Then I took the train, which was so crowded, I had no choice but to sit sideways in a seat. I couldn’t help but notice that diagonally across from me was a man with a lime green shamrock on his cap.

I was happy to share the limelight.