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Take This Blog With A Grain of Salt

I decided to make “Ginger Nuts,” a recipe from the Little Women Cookbook (Little Women Cookbook) , since the recipe mentioned the cookie is a cross between Pfeffernüsse and gingersnaps–two favorites. I followed the recipe to the T-, except I couldn’t find the salt. After I had mixed everything up, I found a bag that contained tiny white crystals.

You may recall from my recent post, Recipe For Success, I described my muffins as tasting like a cross between bleh and PlayDoh. PlayDoh, if you recall from back in the day, tastes somewhat salty.

When I made the muffins, I used a lot of the tiny crystals in the above-mentioned bag, thinking they were sugar crystals, but today when I tried them, I discovered they were salt crystals.

The moment of revelation brought to mind a memory from my college years. I was living in a co-op and my housemates and I were preparing for Thanksgiving. Everything had to be quadrupled. My friend was in charge of making the cheesecake. When it came out of the oven, he ate a slice and  realized he had used four cups of salt, instead of sugar. I remember thinking, how could he make such a mistake?

Thirty-plus years later, I understand.

Incidentally, even without the salt, my ginger nut cookies turned out quite delish!