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Lost Is Lost

Have you ever sent mail out in the world, only to discover it did not reach its destination?
That happened to me recently. I found out that two items I sent, one in September and one late December, never arrived.

I visited my local post office for a chat about this.

Approaching the very nice postal clerk, I said, “What happens to mail that is lost?”

Sounding concerned, he asked, “Did you lose a package or a card?”

I said, “The card I sent my friend at the end of September never arrived, nor did my rent check for January.”

He said, “We do not have a place mail goes when it is lost. Lost is lost. Sometimes mail gets misplaced, but if it’s lost, it’s lost.”

I said, “But where does it go when it’s lost?”

He replied, “We do not have a place that mail goes when it’s lost. Lost is lost.”

I recounted the above story in last night’s email to my mother.

Unfortunately, she never received it.

It was lost.