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Q&A With The Psychic

A year ago, my partner and I were biking on a trail and I was thinking about how earlier in the fall he had mentioned wanting to get a flu shot. I was about to call out and ask, Did you ever get that flu shot? when a man came biking toward us. He was coughing a lot, and as he passed my partner the cougher said, Sorry, Man, I have the flu. My partner replied, I was going to get a flu shot this year, but haven’t yet.

This summer I was standing in line for an event and thinking about my friend’s sweet wife. How is she doing? I wondered. A few minutes later, another friend joined me. He said, did you hear —‘s wife is sick?

Today I was walking to the post office, when I saw someone I knew in a distant way. I thought, isn’t he 75 now? I called out hello. He said, Hi. You didn’t come to my 75th birthday party! I explained I hadn’t known about it. He said, the party was Sunday and yesterday was my birthday. I wished him a happy one.

Whenever these things happen, I feel such a thrill. Tune in for the next episode of “Q&A With The Psychic.”