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Dirty Laundry

In a recent Psychic Sidekick post, I referenced my former Red Roomlaundry piece, so here it is:


I admire wet bedding. Tossed willy-nilly into the dryer, comforters are comfortable; they do not get dizzy somersaulting around, upside down, agile as acrobats.

At the Laundromat, I was in awe of my old and new comforters, tumbling in tandem, cute monkeys paired with faded blue and green stripes. Quite a team!

Once I put my change in the coin-op dryer, I had three options: hi temp, lo temp, or perm press. I chose hi temp. Though the digital red minutes kept decreasing on the screen, “hi” glowed and glowed. So friendly. I especially liked when five minutes remained. Then the screen said, “hi 5.” So I did. Not surprisingly, I was the only one at the Laundromat high-fiving my dryer. 

I do have a washer/dryer where I live. Before setting out, I did a compare/contrast.

Washer at home = $1.75

Washer at Laundromat = $2.25

Dryer at home = $1.75 for an hour of sketchy heat for large objects

Dryer at Laundromat = $.25/6 minutes for super duper heat, regardless of size.Spend a quarter there, save a quarter here. It all evens out in the wash.