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Recipe For Success

This morning I was tired of eating muesli and my other cereal, made from sprouted lentils, soybeans, barley, spelt, and wheat, for breakfast, so I followed a recipe for Grape Nut muffins in Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

Followed, as in I paid attention to the ingredients. For the most part. It is not a perfect world, thus not a perfectly followed recipe. Because my muffin tin is for six muffins and the recipe was for a dozen. Because Mollie Katzen suggests white and wheat flour and I had mostly coconut flour and a little bit of something that could have been wheat or white. Because her recipe calls for honey and Grape Nuts and I had only molasses and earthy crunchy cereal.

Aside from those differences–oh yeah! I also used an extra egg because when using coconut flour, that’s a necessity…and I used oat milk, in lieu of milk from the cow, and I used more than 1 cup because I had chef’s license.

But I did melt the butter to brown the cereal and I mixed the molasses with the butter cereal and I beat the eggs and oat milk and stirred the flours, baking powder, and added ginger, cloves, nutmeg, since I didn’t have cinnamon, and I mixed everything together and remembered the good ol’ days when my mother would give me the beaters to lick (and how now after touching raw egg, I always wash my hands so I don’t get salmonella). I mixed and mixed and buttered the tin and ladled mixture into each one and put in the oven at 400* for 20 minutes, per instructions, but it required a little more baking. It smelled wonderful.

It tasted like a cross between bleh and Playdoh. Its main casualty: lack of sweetness.

I took a square pan and poured in my remaining oat milk, mooshed up the remaining five muffins, added those, more molasses, ginger, and beaten up egg, stir stir stirred, put in the oven at 350* for 30 minutes, allowed to cool, put in fridge to solidify for a few hours.

Hurray for a very delish pudding cake! It always saves the day.