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Rain Night

I have fond memories of Snow Days from when I was growing up. If snow swirled around and around and visibility was poor, my school would cancel and I’d go sledding for hours. I went to college in a colder climate; no Snow Days, just a lot of snow and bundling up. A friend did her junior year away in an area where it was warmer to my area’s subzero temps and where it rained for three weeks, which I thought sounded preferable to three weeks of blizzards.

At a certain point in time, I decided to change climates and move to this seemingly magical place of mild temperatures and rain. So much for mild; I’ve had my heater going nearly every day since December and we have been having lots of rain. Today’s forecast was for heavy rain. Which means the event I planned to go to tonight was cancelled.

Guess it’s a Rain Night. I think I’ll find some puddles to splash in.