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The Operation Was A Success

All was going well, when my life hit a snag. My zipper got stuck. Not just any zipper, but the coil zipper* on my beloved knapsack. It went forward. It did not go backward. The culprit: a plastic bag.

There are many reasons not to use plastic bags, and one that is never talked about is that it could snag your beloved knapsack zipper.

However, I had confidence. Because I recently solved The Case of the Missing Glass Case. And if I could do that, I could do anything.

Like any good surgeon, I needed appropriate tools. Mine were a small screwdriver, bobby pin, pencil, and flashlight.

I began by inserting the screwdriver into the zipper doohickey and wiggling it about to extricate extraneous bag bits. Next I used a bobby pin. It broke in half, which turned out to be a good thing; one half had a little hook and I could scrape away at the tiniest plastic pieces. Then I said, “Open wide and say ahh,” and shone a flashlight inside. It looked like I had taken care of the problem. But the zipper still wouldn’t work, so I consulted the oracle: a WikiHow article on unsticking zippers. It recommended rubbing a pencil inside the zipper and along the teeth. The graphite acts as a cleaner and rubs away the dirt.

Voila! My zipper worked. Backwards, forwards. Up and down. I felt quite zippy.

* Footnote: So that I could properly name the zipper type, I consulted a Source on the anatomy of a zipper. Just goes to show what a great surgeon I am.

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Beating The Odds

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

I went to a festival. I roamed around, visiting exhibits on climate change, animal rights, and vegan snacks.

I helped myself to a bag of beet chips. I put a chip in my mouth. Crunch. I chewed. It tasted beety. I swallowed. Another chip. Crunch crunch. Swallow. Another. Chew.  Crunch. Swallow. Another. I chewed and chewed, but could not chew through.

I spit it out and examined it with beady eyes.

Chips ahoy! It wasn’t a chip. It was desiccant, the packet used to preserve freshness.

I am usually so careful about reading package ingredients and warning statements. What are the odds I’d forget to read the beet bag’s back?

Beats me.

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Can’t Count On It

I was in the grocery store checkout line.

“$1.05,” said the cashier.

I handed him a twenty. I was about to search for a nickel, when ka-ching! Coins raced, clinking through the chute to the little tray.

I counted. I recounted. I had done the math. I had a dispute with the machine’s compute. I had been shortchanged.

What does it say about the world if even a machine can’t be counted on to give the correct amount?

Change is needed.