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Tribute To Lily Alfred

If you follow my blog, or have taken a look, you may have seen Lily Alfred’s very clever, sharp-witted comments. Though Lily and I met long ago in another galaxy, she became quite active in my life in April 2010, when I began my Red Room blog. She was an avid reader and commentator, with the right combo of wise and comical. She continued her loyal tradition here at the Cupcake Rescue League in 2014. Being rather faithful, she remarked on nearly every blog I posted (the ones she missed were due to her computer’s mishaps).

I shared anecdotes about her on my sister site,, which detailed my attempts to heal her, after she fell ill, and other special experiences. Though I tried my best to save her, some things are out of my control, and I am very sorry to tell you that she died.

Thank you, Lily, for everything and for loving my writing and humor as well as indulging my quirkiness and playfulness. I surely hope there’s a strong internet connection in the spirit world so you can glimpse my musings wherever you are.

Long live Lily!