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The Doctor Is In

After I wrote about Dear Maggie a few months ago (Planting Good Thoughts For My Dear Friend Maggie), I have been putting my nose to the dirt to figure why she didn’t last. Although I gave her a good weekly soak, as prescribed, I was careful not to overdo. Tough, but “less is more,” I told myself. I also gave Maggie the right amount of sun so she didn’t have to worry about sunburn. What could have happened?

For the first time since March, the store where I got her was open again. I stopped by to consult with the Chief of Staff AKA Dr. Plant. Dr. Plant applauded me for giving Maggie indirect sunlight.  Dr. Plant asked, “Were her tendrils brown?”

“No,” I said. “Gray and brittle.”

The doctor gave the diagnosis: “Not enough moisture.”

I cheered. Back to overwatering!