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Well-Behaved Soap

I have a lot of soap on my hands. I stocked up on liquid soap, in case some runs out. I have three sealed bottles at the ready and one on active duty (getting the dispenser doo-hickey to work was a moment of pride).

One of my back-ups has scent of peppermint. I am usually fragrance-free, but my partner  in crime bought the company’s peppermint hand sanitizer and I fell in love at first sniff. It smelled like fresh picked mint. I bought a small bottle of the soap and set it behind the others displayed on my bathtub.

Yesterday I went hither and thither and when I returned, I wanted to use my new soap, which required retrieving it from its special location and refilling my current dispenser with it. I couldn’t wait to smell the clean, fresh peppermint.

But first I had to adjust my shower curtain so that it hung properly.

Next thing I knew, the small bottle of peppermint soap had slid over the edge and all the way to where I was standing.

I hope to train the remaining soap to heel when I think of it, too.