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Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, FAQ

Today is the one year anniversary of Notes From The Cupcake Rescue League!
I thought now would be a good time to outline my Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice; I’ve provided an FAQ to better assist you.

{Terms and Conditions}

If you stumble across my blog en route somewhere else, I ask that you take a moment to read and enjoy.

You may comment if you’re moved to do so, for example, you’re feeling happy, excited, warm and fuzzy, funny, kind-hearted, or otherwise motivated.

If you can provide useful advice to new shredders, old shredders, answering machines, kidnapped swimsuits, sleeping toothbrushes, and misplaced socks, you will be warmly welcomed.

If you can recommend good places to eat or things to eat and/or can actually send yummy things to me, you may visit anytime.

If you are working as a travel agent, casting agent, or secret agent, please hit the Like button now. All others, please leave a comment.

{Privacy Notice}

What I do with your personal information:

All personal information will be fed to my very hungry shredder.


**I have been reading your blog for almost a year. Now what?

All readers have the opportunity to sign up for the Blog Readership Program, whereupon you can accrue points and earn rewards, such as purple chicken noodle soup; random socks; a visit with Emsch the Mensch, renowned 15th century poet; cardboard cylinders from paper towel rolls; and much, much more.

**What if I get a reward and it’s defective?

If your reward is defective, you must file a claim with all your personal information, plus write a 250-word essay on the impact of said defectiveness, and send overnight express, with insurance.

**Will I still qualify for your readership program if a pre-existing condition prevented me from reading it?

You will qualify under the Blog Reader Inclusion Act.

**If I view your blog while skydiving, rock climbing, giving birth, or operating heavy machinery, what rights do I have?

Please refer to Section 5 of Part 4 in Chapter 3, Titled “Going To Extremes.”

**If I don’t live in aforementioned states of mind, may I still, like, Like your blog, if I, like, think, like, feel, like we think alike?

Like, yes, by all means.

**What if I’m reading your blog and get called away to wash dishes or get ice cream?

Certain circumstances, such as those depicted, are covered under the Blog Interruption Plan, and you will be able to pursue reading when said duties are finished.

**Fine Print**

The Terms and Conditions will not cover those affected by extreme chocolate deprivation.

Void where prohibited.