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Handy Sanitizer

It is important to keep hand sanitizer handy. During this past year, I kept mine in either my pants pocket or coat pocket.

Sometimes I forgot which pocket. Side pocket? Or lower zipper pocket? Back pocket or front pocket?

Recently, I couldn’t find the cute little bottle that I got as a freebie from the food co-op in Lily’s town. I liked it because it was small, light, and clear–easy to see how much sanitizer remained.

I could have gone on a massive search, but washing clothes took precedence.

I was removing pants from the washer, when something clinked. I reached in and pulled out my missing sanitizer.

It reminded me of the M. E. McNair New Yorker cartoon, in which the sanitizer bottle asks the therapist, “Who sanitizes the sanitizer?”

I do!

(and the bottle stayed full throughout its washing cycle. Very handy).