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This Call May Be Monitored

Whenever I call a certain company, I get an automated message: This call may be monitored for quality assurance. It gives me the expectation that the company strives for excellent customer service.

In the past couple of days, I’ve had to call close to twelve times. My problem should have been solved in 1-2 calls. I wish I had some assurance that, indeed, the calls were being monitored. Each customer service rep. told me something different and some gave false information.

I received a package from another company. The package contained a flashlight and, in a separate case, three batteries. I was so tired from dealing with the first company, I put the batteries and flashlight back into the box.

Later, I shook out the box. The flashlight came out, but no batteries. I looked on the floor–no batteries. I looked inside the box. No batteries. They couldn’t just disappear, could they? Under the circumstances, that seemed likely.

Just when I was going to move on, I saw a glint. I opened the opposite end and found… the batteries. Had the flashlight been on, I could’ve spotted the batteries easily, but I couldn’t turn on the flashlight without the batteries.

I do have other flashlights, but getting them required getting up and I had a lack of energy caused by lack of quality assurance.